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As Asia has started to open back up to international travelers, the Spartan 2022 Race Season looks to be going back to a normal schedule with a few notable question marks. The Chiang Mai, Thailand Race being one of those question marks. However, those question marks are not holding the Thailand Adventure Spartan Race Team from training and competing where possible. Check out the Events Page of this website for the races we will be participating in. Tentatively they will be Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia and Thailand. We are also looking for people interested in racing in Japan and Hawaii. If you have a visa for the USA or you have a US passport, please let us know as we often put together groups for a couple races there as well.

Racing as a team is a great way to stay motivated and we tend to have an amazing race weekend every time we travel as a team. That is an understatement. It usually works out to be an instant party. The team has both foreigners and Thai’s (men and women) and all levels are welcome. We usually race in the sprint and age group races with a few team members trying out more challenging races as requested. In the “open sprint” races our philosophy is “leave no one behind” but you are always welcome to push ahead of our main group to try to get a personal best time. 

The cost of joining the team is absolutely zero and furthermore you will be able to take advantage of the discounts we get from the hotels and Spartan Races, LLc. Not to mention the cool team t-shirt. You are expected to cover your cost of race entry and travel, but as a team we often get discounts there as well. Team race details are only sent out by email so if you want to be a part of our team at any level, you first have to sign up with the form below. Again it is 100% free to join.

Covid 19 has hit the Asian, Spartan Race Community extremely hard. The Thailand adventure Spartan Race Team hasn’t competed in a race since the Hong Kong Spartan Race in early 2019. But spartan racers are not the type to just sit back and take a few years off. We have decided to partner with a few of the famous Muay Thai gyms here in Thailand to create the Thailand Spartan, Muay Thai Training Camps.

This will take place two weekends per year and if it is successful we will add additional camps as possible. During the physical training in the OCR segment of the camp, we will focus on coaching successful techniques for the rope climb, wall climb and the spear throw, etc., our coaches will even coach you on how to train to get to 30 burpees without much effort. You can bet the Muay Thai section of the training will be intense as well. We hope to build these weekends before and after the world famous Full Moon Parties so travelers can take advantage of those parties as well.

No matter where you live in the world or when you are planning to make it over, you should join the Thailand Adventure Race Team to make new, like minded, fitness driven, adventure seeking friends, even if it has to be just virtually at first. Who knows, maybe you find new friends to race with in your own country here in Thailand. It is time to get your adventure started.

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