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Kanchanaburi – Waterfalls and Elephants

About three hours northwest of Bangkok you will find a little town in a must see province of Thailand. There are actually a few things here that you really must put on your bucket list. The first is climbing all seven waterfalls at Erawan National Park. These waterfalls are certainly some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. I see pictures of these waterfalls in National Geographic articles all the time. You have probably seen pictures of them too and just not realized where they were.

Kanchanaburi Highlights

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The Best Things to Do in Kanchanaburi

#1 Erawan Falls
Best Thing to do in KanchanaburiErawan Falls National Park
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#2 Elephants World
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#3 Rafting on the Kwai
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4th Best Thing to Do
Honorable Mention

Along with climbing Erawan Falls, swimming with elephants is one of the things you must do at least once in your lifetime. We think Elephants World Elephant Sanctuary is the best place in Thailand to swim with elephants. The famous River Khawi serves as your backdrop to play with these awesome animals. You will find each elephant has a personality of its own and they often will let you know how they feel. Most of the time they just want to play and eat, so it works out well for all of us. Click on the Elephants World Image above for more details and to book your adventure.

Best Hotels in Kanchanaburi

Binlha Raft Resort

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Natee Riverfront Hotel

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The Wee Hostel

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Best Restaurants and Cafes in Kanchanaburi

The Curve Cafe

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How to Get to Kanchanaburi

Getting to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok you have a few options.

The first is by train. Adventurous? Yes, but most of the trains don’t have air conditioning so it might be a bit hot and the wooden seats are not all that comfortable. The train option is great for backpackers. To catch the train you need to go to the Thonburi Railway Station. Bus #57 will take you very close to the station as will the Orange Flag River Boat. Take the Orange Flag Boat, it will be more enjoyable. The easiest place to catch the Orange Flag Boat is at the Sathorn Pier next to the BTS station Saphan Taksin. Get off the boat at the Thonburi Railway Station Pier and walk or take a songtewl over to the station. You will have to walk past a hospital complex, a temple complex and a long market with a green roof, so give yourself 10 minutes to walk it. Once at the station, buy the ticket and enjoy the 3 hour ride up to Kanchanaburi.

The next way to get to Kanchanaburi is by bus or van. The best place to catch the bus that goes to Kanchanaburi is to go to the Southern Bus Station. There is a small, but comfortable bus that leaves at 9:00 am. City bus #57 will take you to the Southern Bus Terminal from Siam Center. Again it is about a 3 hour ride up to the bus station in Kanchanaburi. From the bus station you can get a taxi or your hotel’s shuttle service to where you need to go. That is also where you will catch the bus to Erawan Falls National Park.

The third option to get to Kanchanaburi is renting a private van. If there is between 4 and 12 people in your party it may be the most comfortable. You can rent these vans to take you around Kanchanaburi for the entire day as well. We have given you a link to a good service for that below.

Private Van
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