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Koh Chang

Koh Chang – One of Thailand Adventure Network’s A List Islands

When discussing the best island to visit in Thailand you have to take into consideration if you like to scuba dive or not. If scuba diving is not your thing and you don’t need to be in the Andaman Sea then the best island to visit is Koh Chang. It gets its name because it is shaped like an elephant. Chang means elephant in Thai and Koh means island. By the way, that is why you see elephants on a bottle of Chang Beer.

Koh Chang is an incredibly laid back island with a flip flop vibe. You can easily be entertained by a great sunsets in different spots every night of the week. Eat at one of the many beach restaurants and then catch a fire show by the locals. You can go hiking in the National Park when you need a break from the beach. You might find a hidden waterfall or climb to the top of what seems like a mountain coming out of the sea. The best thing though is it rarely gets very crowded.

Best Things to Do in Koh Chang

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The island is only accessed by a ferry from Trat and there is only one major airline, Bangkok Air, which flies into Trat though. Bangkok Air is know to have prices that are twice as high as the discount carriers such as Air Asia, but this keeps the number of tourists from Bangkok low. So, you might have to pay a bit more but it will be worth it. Also Bangkok Air flights are out of Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and not Don Meung Airport (DMK) which is important to remember.

If you love water sports, head down to the pier on the southern tip of the island. You can book all kinds of excursions from snorkeling to offshore fishing. Even though Koh Chang is in the Gulf of Thailand you will still be able to see some incredible coral formations and maybe even Nemo. This island is on Thailand Adventure Network’s “A” List.

Koh Chang, Thailand