Thailand Adventure Network

Partner with a Local Muay-Thai Camp

Have you run out of post ideas for your gym’s Facebook Group? Could your gym’s marketing content be a little more interesting? We have a great solution for you.

Currently we have two (2) Muay-Thai camps/gyms that would like to partner with other Muay-Thai gyms around the world to create social media content that can be shared. Your gym would become a sister gym of a Muay-Thai gym here in Bangkok or another Thai location and we would create friendly, virtual contest videos that would run on your Facebook, IG and other social media accounts. Currently, the gyms are located in Bangkok and Phuket but we get quite a few inquiries from all over Thailand. It is really a great way to easily create interesting content that will keep your gym covered for years. 

Although we would be happy to give you the names and email addresses of the gyms here in Thailand for free, we have found that things never really work out well without a coordinator in Thailand. That is because without someone spending the time to set up the creative ideas, nothing gets filmed or edited. However, the Thai university girls we hire are masters at getting the right content done every week. To cover the costs of the program we only charge $250 per month. I have seen the same type of service in the States run for about $2000 per month, so I would say this is a great deal.

To get more details or set up a Zoom Meeting please fill in the support form below. Just fill in your name, the name of your gym and where you are located and we will email you the details.