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Best Things to Do in Pattaya

Pretty Much Bangkok on a Beach

As one of the most crowded and touristy places in Thailand, Pattaya is not be one of the first places you want to visit but if you like the action, you will find it here. So, if you have ample time in Thailand and you have covered the really “must see” places, there are some interesting, mostly adult, things to experience here. Pattaya would be great to visit on your second or third visit to Thailand. But, it may be worth a day trip down from Bangkok because of Koh Larn and the Sanctuary of Truth.

The Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya Thailand
Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand

The Sanctuary of Truth is one of those places you should go to visit at some point. It is one of three sister museums built by the same guy. They call him Khun Lek in the museum guides and he obviously wanted to preserve the Thai culture the best way he knew how. He built the Ancient City, Erawan Museum and the Sanctuary of Truth.

Day Trip to Koh Larn

Ferry to Koh Larn

The closest tropical island to Bangkok is just off of Pattaya and is called Koh Larn. If you are pressed for time and you just have to get out of Bangkok for a day you could almost make it a day trip, but you will be exhausted. For some strange reason every time we go, the place is over crowed with Russians. I guess they really love Pattaya and Koh Larn. You catch a ferry from the city pier not to far from Pattaya’s famous Walking Street. It is about a 45 minute ferry ride over to the island and Pattaya is only two ride from Southern Bangkok.

Walking Street in Pattaya

Three Recommended Hotels in Pattaya

The OZO Hotel

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Make sure you get a room facing the Gulf of Thailand. The view of the sun setting over Koh Larn is worth the money.

Cape Dara Hotel and Resort

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